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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Democracy fights back

There’s another China post coming, but I’ve been a bit lazy about finishing the translation in after-work hours. The Humanaught is to blame for my latest procrastination after he recommended John Pilger’s latest documentary, The War on Democracy. I remembered that recommendation last night, so I headed off here. And, well, that was that for […]

Natural and human disasters

There’s a phrase you find yourself using in headlines about disasters like the flooded mine in Shandong: “Hopes fade as….” I notice the China Daily has used it again today. It’s often not really very honest. The fact is that by the time any of us heard that there had been a disaster there, there […]

A plane by any other name

The removal of the word China from names of corporations and institutions in Taiwan has caused a fair bit of annoyance on the mainland over the last year. But did the opponents of “name rectification” or “desinification” really think things through.
If I were in charge in Zhongnanhai (the probability of this ever happening is not […]


NEWSFLASH: Mattel issued an urgent recall on Monday of its Leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization plastic doll series after the battery-powered talking toys were found to have too much lead in their speeches.
On a more sensible note, the Power and Interest News Report gives a brief history of the SCO and concludes that the […]

Not much hope for miners

Here’s a few grim statistics about the flooded mine in Xintai, Shandong where 172 miners are trapped. First, the water rose as high as 20 meters below the mine entrance so there’s virtually no chance that anyone is alive down there. But even if there are some survivors, there’s an estimated 12 million cubic meters […]

Do they really need to be saved

The 88s has great little post about why he doesn’t care about China’s problems anymore. Actually, he obviously does care, but not in the sense that he wants to save-China-from-itself. I think it sums up what Europeans have been doing for a very, very long time - and not just to the Chinese.
There’s an […]