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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Who really brought down the ‘Zipper Mayor’?

Hell hath no fury like 11 angry mistresses. Stories didn’t get much better than this. Subordinates having to send their wives to a corrupt party secretary and mayor if they wanted to get ahead. He’s finally brought down by his own treachery after allowing one of the husbands to be executed to protect himself. The […]

98-year-old woman sues schoolchildren

Seven or eight years ago, a friend in Beijing told me that her students insisted they would never help anyone they saw injured on the street and neither should she. They said the injured person was likely repay your act of kindness by accusing you of causing the injury yourself and suing you for damages.
Anecdotes […]

Leaving Iraq

If ESWN had not linked to Riverbend’s latest post at Baghdad Burning, I might not have known for another week or so that she had finally left Iraq. She hadn’t written since April. It took me about half an hour to read this last sad letter from a country in ruins. Ten minutes to get […]

Road closed

The picture below was taken on Christmas Island and has nothing whatsoever to do with this or this.

Trust me

The vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court says fewer people were sentenced to death in China last year than at any time in the last decade. And he says the number of death sentences has continued to fall this year, since the Supreme People’s Court took back the power of final approval in January:
“Among the […]

Go forth and multiply - by one

The daft title of this post is fortunately not one of China’s 190 newly approved family planning slogans. This, on the other hand, is:
The family is a boat, love is a sail, healthy reproduction is your happy harbor.
How sweet. It’s certainly more harmonious than this:
If one person has too many babies, the whole village will […]