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Monthly Archives: November 2007

‘Natural’ viagra arouses farmers’ anger

Update: Nov. 24 The Global Voices link below was blocked in China on Thursday evening. If you can’t open it, go here instead. BIG collection of Chinese-language links with ongoing updates, including this video from Shenyang:

They’re up in arms - and its all because of those ants:
BEIJING, Nov 21 (Reuters) - Thousands of people […]

Good boy

Danwei helpfully points out that the Bullog blogs are back online to a limited degree on an international server while the wheels of bureaucracy slowly turn:
As of yesterday, Bullog had been closed for a full month (more than two weeks ago we submitted all the required materials to the relevant departments, but it appears that […]

Gotcha! The source of the paper tiger

For the last month and a bit, one of the big Internet distractions in China has been the improbable “Zhou tiger.” Zhou being Zhou Zhenglong, the villager in Shaanxi who claimed to have taken 71 photographs of the almost extinct South China tiger. Here’s the one that was released to the media:

According to Wikipedia, there […]

Central power

A belated translation from last Thursday’s Southern Weekly:
Why must Shanxi send water to Beijing?
Southern Weekly
Qiu Feng, November 8, 2007
The deteriorating ecology of Shanxi and Hebei provinces, especially Shanxi, is famous around country. And a major cause of this deterioration is a lack of water. But these areas that are so short of water still have […]

Beijing’s ban on Bibles and cups

I’m outraged. Adam Minter of Shanghai Scrap has plagiarized my post about Beijing’s non-ban on Bibles before I even thought of writing it. So, since he’s written almost exactly what I was going to write, you may as well stop reading this and go to his blog instead. While you’re at it you could also […]