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Monthly Archives: April 2008

The don’t-boycott-Carrefour campaign

The first three pages of this week’s Southern Weekly were devoted to the Carrefour boycott and protests, including protesting primary school students in Hefei. Three of the items are interviews - one or them with the French ambassador to China, headlined “We respect China. We hope China will also respect France.” That’s Ambassador Ladsous in […]

Patriots unite! Renounce your Canadian citizenship!

It is a well-known fact that Canadians are evil. However, as the great Bill O’Reilly pointed out, they are just as vulnerable as the French. But is boycotting their products enough? And what if you’re a patriot who has the misfortune to actually be Canadian?
I am most gratified to learn that there […]

No more heroes

The constitution of the Communist Party of China used to include the words: “Despite twists and turns, and relapses in the course of development, the inevitable replacement of capitalism by socialism is an irreversible general trend in the history of social development.”
Here are a few of those twists and turns in pictorial pairs. (Copied from […]

La double vie de Xinhua

PARIS, 22 avril (Xinhua) — Les appels au boycott des jeux Olympiques de Beijing sont déplacés et il faut tout faire pour que les JO soient une grande fête, a indiqué le PDG du distributeur français Carrefour José-Luis Duran, lors d’une interview exclusive accordée à l’agence Xinhua.
PARIS, April 22 (Xinhua) — The chairman of […]

Will foreign students be kicked out of Beijing?

“Ha! Your Western media’s up to its tricks again!” said my political editor with a mixture of mockery and satisfaction, laying particular stress on those two words “Western media.”
“What’s the story?” I asked.
“According your Western media, all foreign students are going to have to get out of Beijing in the summer. According to […]


China’s influence

With all the Tibet furore, I missed the release of the BBC World Service poll (PDF) measuring views on the positive and negative influence of various countries around the world. The BBC leads with the United States. Not surprisingly, I’m more interested in China. But Americans might be disturbed to know that the world thinks […]

“Are you really Tibetan? You’re so clean!”

Here’s a translation from two posts on Lian Yue’s blog. They’re emails sent to him by readers. The first is in two parts - this is the young Tibetan woman that drunkpiano referred to in his post “The Enemy of My Enemy” (English translation here). The second is from a government official.
In the first, Lian […]

Separatism and Tibet

I’ve been waiting for the article below to be published before reproducing it here with permission from the writer Barry Sautman, Associate Professor of social science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. A slightly shorter version appeared in Monday’s edition of the Straits Times.
Protests in Tibet and Separatism: the Olympics and Beyond
Barry Sautman