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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Could foreign rescue teams have saved more lives?

This has been a truly horrible two weeks. Like a lot of people, I’m still reeling from the shock of what happened, and is still happening, in Sichuan. This is the third time this year that I’ve found myself looking out the window in Beijing at complete normality, while not far away people’s lives have […]

Beijing’s blood bank is full

China is usually short of genuinely free blood donations, creating a market for illegal blood selling. But Tiger Temple reports that on Sunday the blood collecting buses in Beijing had temporarily stopped accepting donations because so much has been given since the earthquake. Commenters report the same in other cities around the country.

The notice thanks […]

The day before the earthquake in Beichuan

The last entry on a blog called TGP1963 was posted at 7:49am on May 12. According to Hecaitou the blogger is a science teacher at Beichuan Middle School called Tang Guoping. On May 11, teachers and final year students held a sports fun event. Here are some of the pictures taken that afternoon.


Donating for the earthquake survivors

Danwei and especially Shanghaiist continue to post updates and links on the Sichuan earthquake. ESWN has a huge collection of photographs giving some idea of the dreadful extent of the damage and suffering there. Most importantly, CN Reviews has a big and expanding list of ways to donate.

The rumors

I haven’t seen any real newspapers taking the rumors about the earthquake seriously. I’ve only found one paper that has - the notoriously unreliable Epoch Times, here and here.
The first rumor is reasonable - to a degree. Word quickly spread on the Internet on Monday that the Sichuan government website had posted an article about […]

The earthquake

I have no words for this. Shanghaist has been posting regular updates. Give money and blood.

Being Chinese

From the readers’ letters section in Southern Weekly - an exchange between father and daughter. Fashion designer Guo Caijun writes from Shanghai to her father:
People nearly hit me yesterday!
During the May Day holiday, when I was in the waiting room at Qingdao airport, I saw an old lady taking up four seats while many people […]

The president’s bodyguards and the torch

How seriously did they take security when the Olympic torch relay passed through the streets of Hong Kong on May 2? This seriously:

A poster at the Tianya Forum (today I can only open that page via a proxy. It’s opening fine now) spotted the remarkable similarity between one of the flame attendants in Hong Kong […]

The monk who took the test to join the Party

OK, so I lied. There is nothing in the translated report below that says anything about the monk joining the party. You don’t have to be a member, or prospective member, to go to party school. But you cannot comfortably sing “The monk who took the test to go to party school” to tune of […]