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Monthly Archives: August 2008

How the New York Times (should have) covered the Olympics

*Update: See postscript at the end of this entry
After seven grinding exciting years of preparation, the Olympics are mercifully sadly over. So what did the foreigners think of it all? The “western media” are sometimes accused of prejudice against China, focusing too much on the negative and ignoring the positive. Not so Charles McGrath of […]

Michael Phelps is…

One of the responses to Michael Phelps winning more gold medals than most countries is a joke that has been doing the rounds in China, roughly and partially translated below:
Everyone’s upset about Michael Phelps winning gold medals in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 1500m breaststroke, backstroke butterfly and freestyle. Each country has demanded that more […]

Whatever the chairman said

Xinhua’s announcement of the death of Hua Guofeng is short and sweet:
Hua Guofeng, a former leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), died on Wednesday at the age of 87.
Hua “died of illness at 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday in Beijing,” said an official statement.
Hua was “an outstanding CPC member, a long-tested and loyal Communist […]

Please do not use this photo

It was a closely guarded secret that 9-year-old earthquake survivor Lin Hao would accompany Yao Ming in leading China’s Olympic delegation into the stadium at the opening ceremony. There were 32 children in Lin Hao’s primary school class in Yingxiu. Only ten of them survived. When Lin Hao escaped from the collapsed building, he carried […]

Bunny suicide of the day

The Guardian insults Tibet protester

The jury is still out on whether western protesters benefit or harm their cause when it comes to China and the Olympics. The international torch relay exposed the enormous gulf in perceptions, with demonstrators seemingly unaware of how much they had solidified domestic support for the government here in China. But that’s not what this […]

Fifty ways to kill a Fuwa (part 1)*

Well, at least Huanhuan appears to have died happy, though also a little surprised. The creator of this piece must have read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.
*Important Notice: This entry is intended for amusement purposes only. Black and White Cat does not endorse the murder of Olympic mascots, no matter how annoying […]

Why was EastSouthWestNorth blocked in China?

The Nanny moves in mysterious ways, her wonders to perform. On Friday, much of the Great Firewall of China melted away, just in time for the Olympics. Until now, the censors have protected our delicate minds from pornographers and terrorists like Amnesty International and the BBC’s Chinese service. Now, after protests from the international […]