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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Teacher Hu’s dangerous English

New advert for language classes joins older government health warning:

“Teacher Hu’s English CAN SPREAD AIDS“
(h/t Hecaitou)

The dead

Another 9/11 anniversary. Three thousand dead. A terrible tragedy. A horrific crime.
Five and a half years into the invasion and occupation of Iraq, a million dead, give or take a hundred thousand or so. So much destroyed, so many dead they have to be counted by survey like voters in an opinion poll. No […]

How to report Hong Kong’s election

On Monday, Hong Kong’s media were busy fussing over trivialities after Sunday’s Legco elections, getting bogged down in irrelevant details like names of candidates and parties; who won, who lost; turnout down to 45% compared with 55% in 2004 etc, etc.
But Network News Broadcast - the authoritative voice of reason that unites the […]

They arrest journalists, don’t they?

On August 13, ITN’s John Ray was arrested while covering a protest in Beijing:
Police in Beijing roughed up and detained a British journalist after he covered a Free Tibet protest close to the city’s main Olympic zone earlier today.
The incident appeared to be the clearest breach yet of the host nation’s promise of free media […]

The Great Road of China

In 1965, Beijing demolished its ancient city wall and turned it into the 2nd Ring Road. More useful than a wall, perhaps, but not so pretty.
However, according to the February 1931 edition of Modern Mechanics, the KMT government had much bigger plans - to turn the Great Wall of China into the Very Long Road […]