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Monthly Archives: October 2008

HIV is a shipping company

The National Art Museum of China is taking part in the Heresies Project - a retrospective of Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer. (Today’s the last day if you want to see it.) One visitor wondered what this photograph was about…

…so he looked at the title plate:

搬运工 means porters, dockers or stevedores. Could it be that HIV […]

Of mayors, banquets and a temple that wasn’t

Ten Years Chopping Wood wrote quite a sad post the weekend before last about leaving his job at a national newspaper after nine and half years. (Links: original Chinese; translated excerpts in English.)
I can’t put together clearly the reasons why I want to end my journalism career now. I got weary of the job several […]

Update on the ‘black jail’

Just after I posted my translation of three blog posts by Xu Zhiyong about the black jail at the Youth Hotel in Beijing, he and others went back again, trying to secure the release of another petitioner. Once again, the guards resorted to violence. Meng Zhang at Global Voices has translated excerpts from Xu Zhiyong, […]

The internet, young people and perverts

I love this diagram in so many ways that I shamelessly stole it from Farley Katz at the New Yorker. It’s part of a “Cartoon-off” with Randall Munroe.
Katz draws the Internet, as envisioned by the elderly.

(Message to my Dad: Don’t read any more of this. There are rude bits.)
Speaking of young people on the internet, […]

A visit to one of Beijing’s ‘black jails’

(See also: Rape and beatings in a Beijing “black jail” hotel)

The Youth Hotel in Beijing which does a side trade in locking up petitioners

Up until 2003, Custody and Repatriation (shourong) centers were used by the big cities to detain people without permits to work and live there before sending them back to where they had […]

Mandelson’s milk

Late September in Beijing:
The Europeans will continue to expect the highest standards, just as China’s own consumers are demanding the same…. But in the meantime I shall continue drinking my own favorite, er, milk, er, product, er, er, which I enjoy and which does not make me nervous.

Early October in London:
Peter Mandelson is in “good […]