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Monthly Archives: January 2009

The BBC says a big “impartial” Fuck You to Gaza

The BBC considers Palestinians in Gaza to be unique among the peoples of the world. They, and they alone, are too “controversial” to be worthy of humanitarian aid at a time of extraordinary crisis. Blankets for children whose homes were destroyed in the middle of winter; food parcels for families with virtually no means of […]

How to tell if your 100 yuan note is fake

There’s been loads of news lately about fake 100 yuan notes that are supposedly so good that they’re almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The People’s Bank of China has repeatedly said that this is not true and pointed out a number of ways to tell a real note from a fake one. Photographs […]

A school with three children

A short photo-essay from Xinhua:
A four-person school
January 13 was the last of day of Autumn semester for primary schools in Rongshui county in Guangxi. At Siliutun school, Donghua village, Rongshui town, only one teacher and three pupils entered the final preparation for the end-of-term exam. Siliutun is a mountain village with 60 households. After third […]

Targets in Gaza

“Israeli forces pound targets…” (AP)
What, you mean this?

Oh, no, you mean this:

United Nations News Centre, January 8, 2009:
The Israeli operation has so far killed 758 people in Gaza, of whom 257 were children and 56 women, with 3,100 wounded, 1,080 of them children and 452 women, according to Palestinian reports cited as credible by […]

Xinhua demands democracy and human rights

No, not the Xinhua News Agency. The Xinhua Daily. And those demands were made rather a long time ago. The paper was launched in 1938 as the mouthpiece of the Communist Party in KMT-controlled regions. (In Communist-controlled territory, the main official paper was the Liberation Daily.) After the defeat of the KMT, the Xinhua Daily […]

Happiness was a year called 2008

Happiness in Britain, 1982, as seen by CDP, the advertising agency for Hamlet cigars:

Happiness in China, 2008, as seen by Netease commenter IP:120.84.*.*, via ProState in Flames (Links added by me):

What is happiness?
Happiness was 2008
You didn’t go to Urumqi for the New Year
You didn’t go to Chenzhou in February*
You didn’t visit Lhasa in March
You didn’t […]