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Monthly Archives: March 2009

What the US said in 1998 about North Korea’s missatellite

The North test-fired a ballistic missile over Japan in 1998, a launch the regime also claimed was a satellite. Associated Press
The world is divided into good countries (us) and bad countries (them). Bad countries’ leaders “say,” “claim,” or even “insist” they are doing one thing, but good countries’ leaders “believe” or “fear” that the bad […]

Dispatch from Pyongyang: Xinhua’s sense of humor?

Double Happiness: women dance on election day in Pyongyang (Xinhua photo)
Sunday was a day of extraordinary happiness for North Korean women. Not only was it International Women’s Day, it was also election day so they could exercise their right to cast their compulsory vote in favor of a single candidate to represent them in the […]

No commie homo-lovers, please

It’s nearly a week since the Oscars, but my computer’s been at the shop for an upgrade. So, anyway, how did CCTV-6 translate the first main sentence of Sean Penn’s acceptance speech?

Given the many failings of my translations on this blog, I need to be careful about throwing too many stones inside my glass house. […]