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Monthly Archives: June 2009

It’s not a coup, it’s a transition to “democracy”

What are we to make of a congress that votes to accept a “resignation” lettter in which the president purportedly says (I paraphrase) “I’ve split the country and no one likes me anymore. Oh, and by the way, I’m incurably insane. So, me and my entire government are resigning immediately and I must never, ever […]

Google’s G-spot and Baidu’s B

(WARNING: Some of the content of this post is not suitable for young readers. If you are under the age of 18, please go here immediately and download the Green Dam censorship software which should prevent your computer from being able to open this page ever again.)
When I started writing this, was blocked in […]

China and Russia’s fake anniversary

This year is the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Russia, at least that’s what Chinese and Russian leaders keep telling us whenever they get together. It’s a load of bollocks. Sixty years ago, the People’s Republic of China established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union ceased to exist in […]

Will Green Dam block everything?

Looking through Green Dam’s list of Falun Gong related vocabulary is quite a surreal experience. (See Danwei and ESWN). It begins, predictably, with dozens of FLG terms and the special police unit in charge of suppressing the cult. But if you grab the cursor on the right of the screen, scroll down and stop at […]

A rare sight in Beijing

A long time ago, a friend’s student from Jiangxi complained that you never saw individual clouds in Beijing. The sky was always uniformly blue or, far more often, a single sheet of grey. I’d never noticed this before but it was one of those facts that, once pointed out, is just obviously true. I may […]

The Umbrella Men of Tiananmen

With apologies to the BBC, CNN, Sammy Kaye, Beijing’s paramilitary police… well, everyone, really.

The Umbrella Men of Tiananmen @ Yahoo! Video

Somehow I didn’t think Youku would pass this one. The picture quality didn’t work too well on Yahoo. It looks slightly better on Youtube, if you’re not in China (but Youtube’s banned it for copyright […]

No, we will not forget

Nothing happens in this video. It’s just a candle tonight in Beijing.