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Monthly Archives: July 2009

How did a protest become mass murder?

ABC News:
We arrived at one of Urumqi’s biggest mosques with about 80 journalists in a convoy of about six or seven mini-vans.
Almost every journalist still left in Urumqi was there, because there was almost no violence on the streets. There’s very little else left to cover.
NO, NO, NO! There’s a huge amount left to […]

La Prensa accidentally removes all the blood

One of the great defenders of truthiness in Honduras is the newspaper La Prensa. Monday’s edition blamed Manuel Zelaya for the death of Isis Obed Murillo, the 19-year-old protester who was shot dead by the army. Readers noticed something slightly odd about La Prensa’s picture of the dead youth:

On the left is La Prensa’s photophopped […]

Announcement: There is no interspecies sex on this blog

It’s always nice to see that people have arrived at my blog via a Google search and, though they may not agree with what they read here, the content is at least relevant to their queries. It’s not so encouraging to see so many people coming here on a fruitless quest for “black on white […]