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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Nothing to do with genitals

I haven’t got the slightest idea if Rem Koolhaas was or wasn’t thinking of genitalia when he designed the new CCTV building.

Likewise, no one has ever proved that church doors were built with the same thing in mind.

And I certainly wouldn’t dream of suggesting anything about the Monument to the People’s Heroes in the middle […]

ProState in Flames attacker jailed for four and a half years

Xu Lai just before the attack on Feb. 14
This news is now three weeks old, but I only just noticed it and no one else seems to have mentioned it in English. The man who stabbed the blogger ProState in Flames (journalist and writer Xu Lai) at a book signing on Valentines Day was sentenced […]

Rape and beatings in a Beijing “black jail” hotel

Entrance to the Juyuan Hotel on Majiabao Road, Beijing
Last week’s edition of Southern Weekly (Aug. 6) carried an extraordinarily rare article on a subject that is usually off-limits for the mainstream media in China: the “black jails” that operate outside of the law in Beijing, detaining people who have committed no crime and have simply […]