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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Gaddafi ‘regrets he stopped developing nuclear weapons’

When the United States and Britain invaded Iraq in 2003, a number of people pointed out what a terrible message this sent to the world about nuclear weapons. Iraq had dismantled its WMD programmes and it was invaded. North Korea had developed a rudimentary nuclear device and got negotiations. So, if you don’t want to […]

What if Libya’s rebels keep fighting?

Thursday’s Security Council resolution on Libya is both sweeping and limited.
Sweeping: It authorizes all necessary means to enforce a no-fly zone and to protect civilians.
Limited: It does not authorize warfare to overthrow Gaddafi’s government and it upholds the ban on supplying arms to anyone in Libya, including the rebels.
That ban on arms is reportedly […]

Libya - It’s got nothing to do with humanitarianism

Every once in a while the clouds of propaganda part and, for a brief moment, clarity shines through. One of these moments (political activist and comedian Robert Newman is rather fond of this one) came in July 2002 when The Times forgot the official line and excitedly blurted out the naked truth about the impending […]