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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Daily Telegraph ‘defends’ gay rights in Ecuador

The Daily Telegraph has discovered gay rights. Not in Britain, where it has argued against the legalization of gay marriage, but in Ecuador:
As well as a poor record on free speech, Ecuador is accused of failing to meet other human rights.
Until 1998, homosexuality was illegal and despite legalising same-sex unions in 2008, there have […]

Reuters misquotes Cameron on Putin and Syria

What David Cameron said (quote begins at 02:37):
Now of course there remain differences over sequencing the exact shape of how the transition takes place, but it is welcome that President Putin has been explicit: he is not locked into Assad remaining in charge in Syria.
What Reuters claimed he said:
There remain differences over sequencing and the […]

Syria - Dead bodies and laughter

As reports emerged of a possible massacre of 80 men, women and children in a village near Hama, this 31-second video of dead bodies was posted on Youtube. At the end of the video the men filming the bodies burst out laughing. Did the “activists” forget to edit that part out? Not to worry, their […]

Dan Rather is a tree

All available evidence indicates that the above statement is completely and utterly false. That puts it on a par with Dan Rather’s description of Hugo Chavez as a “dictator.”
Trees don’t file news reports. And dictators don’t hold regular, free and fair elections. Given Rather’s confusion on this simple political matter, his medical exclusive that Chavez […]