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This blog started elsewhere. If you’re in China, that link probably didn’t work. That’s why I moved.

Occasionally, I misguidedly give out information that can be used to identify who I am and where I work. If you really want to know these things, perhaps because you want to make sure you fire the right person, you’ll find the details somewhere but not on this page.

Black and White Cat tends to be about China, since that is where I live; and I live here because I like it. But although most things I write or translate are about China, I do also launch off into other things. That is probably quite irritating to many people who would prefer not know what I think about other things.

To partially solve this problem, I have taken what I think is a very radical step - adding categories. Two categories, to be precise. There is now China; and there is Other Things*. Now, with one click of the mouse, you can make almost all Other Things go away. If only life were so simple.

If you came here looking for information about cats, there isn’t any. Sorry.

*Because of recent events, I’ve now added another category: Hu Jia. At this rate, some time in the middle of this century, I’ll end up with a normal filing system.

This page is now hopelessly out of date and therefore not entirely accurate. I no longer live in China. But it’s still not about cats.

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