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Category Archives: Hu Jia

When Hu Jia wasn’t an ‘enemy of the state’

The article translated below was published in the summer of 2001 in the Freezing Point supplement of the China Youth Daily. Not long after that, Hu Jia met Zeng Jinyan. Now he’s under arrest, accused of incitement to subvert state power, but there was a time when Hu Jia wasn’t seen as a threat. […]

Prisoners in Freedom City

I’ve been wondering when someone would post Prisoners in Freedom City on Youtube. Now someone finally has. It’s Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan’s documentary, filmed in 2006, about his house arrest and her being constantly tailed. They turned the tables on the state, filming the very people who were watching over them.
Here’s Part 1. […]

Zeng Jinyan on Channel 4

Zeng Jinyan with her two-month-old baby, under house arrest in Freedom City, managed to make a brief appearance on Britain’s Channel 4 News. Video here.

John Kennedy’s translation at Global Voices of early Chinese blog reactions to Hu Jia’s arrest has now been blocked in China, but still available via proxy. So I may as […]

The premier’s visit to China’s most infamous AIDS village

Saturday was World Aids Day. On Friday, Premier Wen Jiabao went to Shangcai county in Henan - famous for the disastrous number of people who contracted HIV through the criminal negligence of government-organized blood buyers. The most famous of all Shangcai’s villages is Wenlou.
From Xinhua’s report:
According to the villagers, with the help of the government, […]