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The Guardian’s Readers’ Editor responds on “peacetime”

It occurred to me that I’ve been wasting my time grumbling on this blog (here and here) about journalists and politicians who describe the current age in Britain as “peacetime” when we are at war in Afghanistan. Not because I think it’s a non-issue, but because my mutterings here won’t make any difference.
So I sent […]

More war amnesia

Some very confused writing by Larry Elliott and Tom Clark in The Guardian today, implying that the British haven’t fought a war since 1945. Someone also has a strange understanding of the word “strong”.
First paragraph:
David Cameron’s first 100 days in Downing Street have seen the coalition win the key argument over the economy, with a […]

War is peace - government and media doublethink in Britain

Doublethink: “to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them…”
Britain is simultaneously at war in Afghanistan (we’ve now been there longer than the Soviet Union) and in a state of peace. The previous government said so. The new government says so. The media? Yes, they […]

Another political turd from the British media

It really shouldn’t surprise me by now, and yet it does every time: just how little respect British newspapers have for their readers.
Today’s front page “exclusive” in the Observer:

How serious are the revelations in this memo? Serious enough to potentially derail the Tories’ efforts to form a government. Or so the Observer would have us […]

Coup surrealism: embassy turns into boat, threatens US warship

As the crow flies, Tegucigalpa is just over 50 miles from the sea. So Brazil’s ambassador may have wondered why Honduran troops had pointed sonic weapons at his building and (very loudly) informed him in English that he was approaching a US warship in international waters:
This is a test of the Long Range Acoustic Device, […]

US invited Honduran coup regime to military drills

The United States has supposedly ended military cooperation with Honduras because of the June 28 coup. So why has it invited the coup regime to take part in military exercises that start today?
The US Southern Command invited the Armed Forces of the de facto government of Honduras to take part in the PANAMAX 2009 maneuvers, […]

La Prensa accidentally removes all the blood

One of the great defenders of truthiness in Honduras is the newspaper La Prensa. Monday’s edition blamed Manuel Zelaya for the death of Isis Obed Murillo, the 19-year-old protester who was shot dead by the army. Readers noticed something slightly odd about La Prensa’s picture of the dead youth:

On the left is La Prensa’s photophopped […]

It’s not a coup, it’s a transition to “democracy”

What are we to make of a congress that votes to accept a “resignation” lettter in which the president purportedly says (I paraphrase) “I’ve split the country and no one likes me anymore. Oh, and by the way, I’m incurably insane. So, me and my entire government are resigning immediately and I must never, ever […]

The other massacre of 1989

Of memory and forgetting
Drive east from Algiers and eventually the road will carry you up through the mountains and valleys of Kabylie. From the city of Tizi Ouzou, continue to climb into the villages where children stop and stare at a rare Arab visitor, just as Chinese villagers stare at Europeans they have seen in […]

The end

My Dad sent me an email saying my blog had been silent for a long time and suggesting it was time for another session on Skype. And then he died.
So now here I sit downstairs back in England. It’s five in the morning and my Mum will wake up soon. I’m hungry and I hope […]