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The Guardian insults Tibet protester

The jury is still out on whether western protesters benefit or harm their cause when it comes to China and the Olympics. The international torch relay exposed the enormous gulf in perceptions, with demonstrators seemingly unaware of how much they had solidified domestic support for the government here in China. But that’s not what this […]

God the Father, God the Son and God the Olympic Spirit

Next month in Beijing, hundreds of people on drugs will run around in circles and throw things. I’ve heard various people here, enthused with the passion of the sacred flame, saying that this is the most important thing that has ever happened in China - displaying either a disturbing lack of knowledge of Chinese history […]

“Are you really Tibetan? You’re so clean!”

Here’s a translation from two posts on Lian Yue’s blog. They’re emails sent to him by readers. The first is in two parts - this is the young Tibetan woman that drunkpiano referred to in his post “The Enemy of My Enemy” (English translation here). The second is from a government official.
In the first, Lian […]

Separatism and Tibet

I’ve been waiting for the article below to be published before reproducing it here with permission from the writer Barry Sautman, Associate Professor of social science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. A slightly shorter version appeared in Monday’s edition of the Straits Times.
Protests in Tibet and Separatism: the Olympics and Beyond
Barry Sautman

When in Rome

What on earth are we to make of this picture:

Are they taking robes as presents for the monks as a goodwill gesture? Was the photograph actually taken this year?
[UPDATE] As Chiara points out in the comments below, Wang Xiaoshan has now deleted the post I linked to and issued an apology. A commenter at Time […]

Wang Lixiong: Reflections on Tibet

New Left Review published a very long and very interesting article in 2002 by Wang Lixiong. Here’s the first paragraph:
In the current debate on Tibet the two opposing sides see almost everything in black and white—differing only as to which is which. But there is one issue that both Chinese authorities and Tibetan nationalists consistently […]

Information, Tutu and Tibet

Ten days ago, when Lian Yue rejected suppression of information on Tibet, he had broad support from his readers. Here’s Danwei’s translation of his post:

Information Theory of Tibet
1. Any power which tries to withhold information should be regarded as a bad power.
2. Any power that keeps people […]

Truth and lies - Tibet and Iraq

There is some anger being expressed by Chinese citizens about foreign media reporting on the Tibet protests and violence. To a certain extent it is justified. Showing pictures of Nepali security forces beating Tibetan protesters and labeling those pictures as Chinese violence is at best sloppy, at worst a lie. And I keep wondering why […]

Ethnic harmony - or not

It’s been quite some time since Yahoo mercifully closed down its news discussion boards. Especially at times of crisis, whether real or perceived, they could make you lose almost all faith in humanity. Below is a translation of one Chinese person’s reaction, posted on Woeser’s blog, to the same phenomenon in China. Text in square […]

Riots in Lhasa and proxies that work

I was half way through translating a personal account of the situation in Lhasa by a Han Chinese resident when the inevitable happened - ESWN finished it first. Right now, his post is inaccessible on the mainland because of three keywords that trigger the net nanny: J*khang, Ram*che and P*tala (* = o). This is […]